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Finding our Cabin Land

This is how we found "Our Land". The future home of our cabin on the ocean.

In the fall of 2017 the dream of owning a cabin on the ocean kicked up a notch. We had finally taken our sailboat out for a sail in the Botwood harbor. The wind in the sails and the water splashing on the deck was exhilarating! Immediately after our first sail we started dreaming about mooring the boat off near our own little cottage in the woods.

Our Sailboat in the Botwood Marina, Fall of 2017

We knew we would like a cabin that was accessible from both land and sea, but we had no idea of where that would be. Mike printed off a map of the general area and circled a few areas that looked to have protected harbors.

In October of 2017 Mike, Duke, and I filled up the thermos and hopped in the pickup truck. It was a beautiful fall day to drive around the area and try to find those circled places. A couple of the locations had roads accessing the harbor, so we drove in as far as we could, and hiked the rest of the way.

A Map of our Search Radius for Cabin Land

All the places we visited were beautiful but we fell in love with one little harbor in particular. With only a dozen-or-so cabins there was loads of undeveloped land, much of which had a narrow beach. The water was calm, the trees were old and tall, and the view was amazing. There was road access, but the highway wasn't too close. To top it off, there was a sailboat moored off in the harbor!

Duke and I are happy to have found our dream land.

After an amazing afternoon we drove home (only about an hours drive). As soon as we were in the door we checked the crown lands registry for the status of the land. It appeared to be available!!!

Continue reading HERE about how we applied for and eventually purchased crown land to build our cabin on.

Looking out our harbor, view from the kayak.

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I'm Christina and I live in the beautiful Canadian province of Newfoundland & Labrador. We are building a cabin by the ocean in rural Notre Dame Bay. Come along with Mike, Duke and I as we pursue our version of the Islanders dream!

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