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Cabin Update- May 4th 2020

We've been trying to find our bearings with the state of things this last month (and a half). Time distancing from friends, family, and work has been challenging- but we have it pretty good all things considered.

Like many people, the first weeks of the pandemic (for us early-mid March) were spent getting everything in order. Making sure bills would be paid, food was in the cupboards, and checking in with family members to make sure they were safe and had everything they needed.

The Cabin as Viewed from our Kayaks

To keep ourselves busy we have been spending even more time at the cabin. Baking copious amounts of bread and cookies, walking along the beach, cutting wood, and watching endless movies from our DVD collection.

Despite the weirdest month I can ever remember, we did manage to have some fun and get a few projects done around the cabin.

Goodbye Snow and Ice

Duke on the Edge of the Ice as it Slowly Melted and Cleared the Harbour

We had a beautiful couple of weeks during the end of March and beginning of April. Most of the snow melted off of our yard in Grand Falls- Windsor, but the woods floor is still partially snow covered.

The Melted Snow has Revealed a Mess of Supplies and Junk from the Fall

The last few weeks we have watched the ice slowly disappear from our harbor. In the matter of weeks we went from ice and snowshoes to water and kayaks!

Fun on the Ice Pans (Don't worry there was only 1 ft of water underneath)

Then, as is the case in Newfoundland, on April 19th we had another 20 cm of snow in one day! Thankfully that all melted in a day or two.

Since then we have had pretty great weather for April. As of May 2nd the ice in the harbor is totally gone and we have been getting out in the kayaks pretty much every day!

MVP (Most Valuable Project): Patio Door Installation

We finally were able to install our double patio door in our living room!

The door is extremely heavy and the amount of snow and ice around the cabin made it impossible to get at any sooner. Once the snow receded, we removed the doors from the door frame by detaching the hinges. This made it possible for Mike and I to install the door without any extra manpower.

Before Patio Door Installation- DIY Living Room is Dark

After re-framing our wall to fit the door (the wall was a prebuilt recycled section), we used a reciprocating saw to cut through our plywood and foam sheeting.

We then screwed the door frame in place making sure it was level. Then the hard part- Mike held the 100 lb doors over his head while I attempted to screw the door hinges back into the door frame.

There was some swearing and choice words- but it was worth it!

After Patio Door Installation- Living Room is Bright and Inviting

Kitchen Work- Pine Walls and Cooking up a Storm

We finished the pine walls in the kitchen area, and painted out the temporary counter tops (aka plywood).

None of our cabinets are secured to the wall yet as we still have to install the sink and fridge, so we will likely be changing the layout. Also, eventually will be refinishing the cabinets to break up the wood-on-wood look!

The Kitchen gets Beautiful Late Afternoon Sun

Despite being far from finished, the kitchen has been functioning well. I have cooked up some decent meals, the only downside is with no real sink or running water the dishes take forever.... but I guess these days we have plenty of time!

Beach Fires

This week the Provincial government announced a number of restrictions on outdoors fires, but thankfully we had a couple beach bonfires before the word came down.

We can still have a fire in a closed-pit, but it is a bummer for us considering all of the scrap and brush we were planning to burn once the snow melted.

Duke Enjoying a Fire on the Beach Before the Ice had Melted

Besides that, we have installed a few windows, completed some electrical work, and have been tiding up our tool/utility room. Oh yeah, we've been also watching The Wire! It has been forever since I've watched it, but man it has held the test of time!

What have you been doing to keep busy ?

What would you like to see more of?

Let us know and say Hi in the comments!

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