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Cabin Update- March 9 2020

What have we been up to at the cabin this week? Finishing off a few projects and catching up on our sleep.

We took Friday night off from the cabin, Mike had some friends over to the house for a poker game and I visited my dad- at his cabin! We tried for some trout out on the lake, but we didn't even get a bite.. at least I got to take Kay's skidoo for a ride!

On Saturday we went to our cabin to finish up a couple jobs we have been working on.

Ice Fishing on the Lake- No Luck!

Finished Installing Insulation

As I detailed in our post on Using Recycled Materials we used recycled insulation for 80% of the cabin's walls and ceilings. Once we ran out of insulation we closed off the smallest of the bedrooms with a sheet of Styrofoam. This weekend we finally insulated the room, using brand new insulation!

With the small room insulated we can actually use the space for storing all of our tools and materials (we are now calling it the utility room, although it will eventually become the bunk room). This means we were finally able to clear out our main guest bedroom!

Making the Guest Bedroom Live-able

Mike finished wiring the plugs and switches for the room, and then he installed the vapor barrier. Vapor barrier is a clear sheet of plastic that prevents moisture from moving through the walls. It is also amazing the difference a sheet of plastic can make for stopping cold drafts.

Installing Vapor Barrier over Recycled Insulation

As you can see, we still haven't installed the window in the room (its too heavy to install by ourselves). The room is pretty dark, but at least its warm and the insulation is covered with plastic!

I also went ahead and painted out the plywood floors in the room. The plywood is recycled, dirty and in very rough shape. So I did a quick coat with some exterior paint I had lying around from another project. I just did a rough pass with the roller to make it a bit nicer in the short term! Its not pretty yet, but it will definitely be cleaner/comfier for our guests.

Painting Over Rough Plywood Floors

Installed Pine Walls in Living Area

We are celebrating as we officially have 4 walls in our main living area! Goodbye open-concept bathroom!

We finished installing our walls, which are made from horizontal 1/4" pine v-groove. A full post on the process is coming soon. We still need to do the back and front walls, but we are going to wait to finish a couple other things first.

For instance, I can't wait to cover the OSB wall behind the fireplace with natural stone or tile- we couldn't install pine here because it gets wayyy too hot.

Finishing Pine Walls in our DIY Cabin

We love the look of the unfinished pine but we know we are going to have to seal the wood to avoid yellowing and damage. Anyone have recommendations on natural looking stains or finishes? Let us know in the comments!

Moose Sausage with Fennel

I cooked up this interesting combination by frying moose sausage & fennel with butter, salt and pepper in a cast iron pan.

The moose sausages were "Oktoberfest" and made locally. We LOVE fennel and it is traditionally paired with sausage so I thought this would be an interesting twist. Delicious combination... would recommend 100%.

WARNING: Trying this recipe may result in signing up for your moose licence, and googling how to grow fennel.

Moose Sausage with Fennel

Duke Wins Lead Sled Dog Position!

While working away at the cabin we accumulated another 10-15 cm of snow overnight. We were very impressed by Duke's ability to break a trail ahead of the Bravo on the way back out to the highway. I am stunned by his endurance every time: running 2.5 km, at 30 km/hr, in snow up to his chest! Its impressive, adorable, and he loves it!

Duke Running Ahead of the Bravo

Daylight Savings Time: Spring Forward

Thanks to a clear evening and an extra hour of sunlight, we were able to make it out to the highway just in time to witness this beautiful sunset. Even Duke paused for a moment to soak it all in.

Duke Enjoying the Sunset

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