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Cabin Update- March 1 2020

This is my first cabin update post, which I decided would be a good idea so that I can write in real-time. Because we are building everything ourselves, it has been hard for me to find the time to bring our cabin build posts up to date.

These cabin update posts are a fun way to share what we have been up to lately, and show how the cabin is coming along in real-time.

So what have we been up to?

Bringing in Supplies on the Bravo

This has been a classic Newfoundland winter with tons of snow. Thankfully we escaped snowmegeddon in Central Newfoundland, but we have been consistently accumulating snow since before Christmas. I'd estimate we have about 3- 4' of snow down at the cabin. For many in North America winter is coming to an end, but with another 10 cm in the forecast for this week we are looking at a couple more months of winter weather and snow.

Bringing building supplies to our offgrid cabin on sled

In the summer we can drive our pickup to our cabin, but in the winter we have to take the skidoo in from the highway. This is our 1989 Bravo that was my grandfathers, it is a long-track and ridiculously reliable workhorse. This weekend we had to make two trips in to bring insulation, lumber, and this bathroom vanity we picked up for 90$ on Kijiji.

Installing our Kitchen Window

We initially planned on installing a larger 3-panel window, but we would have had to remove half of the studs in the wall. So we went with a 2-pane window we had stored in the shed. We removed studs, and framed in the window with 2x8 headers and 2x4 lumber.

Thankfully saturday was a beautiful winter day, sunny and above zero! It was a perfect day to cut a hole in the wall to pop in our window. The window went in easily enough, but we will need to sand and paint it once the weather warms up.

Installing our kitchen window

Building our Loft

We have been talking about building our loft all winter, but last weekend we finally got around to building and installing a support beam. We laminated 2x10 lumber and plywood together with 4" nails. We installed the support beam to span the width of the kitchen, and supported the beam in our load bearing walls.

This weekend we built the loft by hanging 2x6 floor joists from the support beam to the back wall. We then covered the floor joists with 1x6 pine for the loft floor. This was a big project but it came together surprisingly fast. I will eventually write a detailed post about the whole process.

The loft we built using 2x6 floor joists

Wood Cutting to Keep the Fire Going

We were in such a rush this fall to weatherproof the cabin that we neglected stacking and cutting firewood for the winter. We burned through our supply by January and now we have to cut enough wood every weekend to keep the fire going.

Don't worry, we have a wood cutting permit, and we are cutting down windfall and trees that are already dead. As long as the weather is nice it is actually fun to get outside wood cutting. It is a lot of work (mostly for Mike I'll admit) but it is pretty beautiful in the woods in the winter.

Winter wood cutting in Newfoundland

Another great weekend at the cabin in the books!

Let us know what you think about our cabin build below in the comments. We'd love to hear from you.

Our ocean front cabin's exterior as of March 2020

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