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Cabin Update- June 24

The end of May and the beginning of June marked the transition into summer weather here in Central Newfoundland. The trees are full of leaves and the harbor is teeming with wild life- eagles, seals, and even a few whales! We even had an unseasonably hot weekend at the end of May with temperatures above 30 C, and we are currently in the midst of an early summer heat wave!

Sunrise Over Brook Harbour

With the gradual re-opening of things here, and the expansion of our "bubbles" we have finally had a few guests at the cabin! We have been continuing to split our time between the house and the cabin, but as the summer continues the house is becoming a glorified laundry-mat!

Anyways, isn't this sunrise beautiful? Well worth setting the alarm for 5 am!

Building a Deck

A lot of work and sweat went into building our deck the last few weeks. We have been excited to build our deck all winter. Just being able to walk out of the living room makes the whole cabin feel so much more complete! Big shout out to our buddy Hawco for giving us a hand with the decking!

We went with a 8' x 53' deck that spans the front of the cabin, with access on either side. Eventually we plan on adding a large set of stairs down to the beach.

Decking Complete- Working on the Railing

We are currently working on the railing, Mike has the support posts and top rail complete. But we are having trouble deciding on the rail, we would love glass but we priced it at around 3000$ so that is out of questions for now.

Exploring Notre Dame Bay

With the cabin comfortable and the weather looking up we have been getting out on the water! We have a second-hand 14' aluminum boat with a 7.5 Honda on the back! She is stable on the water as long as the wind is calm and there are no whitecaps on the water.

Boat Rides! Mike and Hawco in their bliss!

We took a day trip out to High Grego Island- we hiked through the woods and up a cliff to a cave. It is rumored that remains were found in the cave, and the area was known to be visited by the Beothuck people. The cave was pretty cool, and the view was spectacular!

Looking out the Cave on High Grego

Little Projects with Big Impact

On rainy days we have been picking away at several projects inside the cabin.

We hooked up our plumbing so we now have running water! We shocked the well, but its still not potable. We may need to dig it deeper when we get the excavator down again. For now its great to have running water for the toilet, dishes, and the shower!

We also got a great deal on a propane fridge from a friend of ours, we installed the fridge last weekend and it is sooooo awesome! No more ice- runs and food going bad in the summer!

I've also been painting some of the old plywood floors and walls to freshen the place up. We can't afford to replace the walls (in fact most walls are still just insulation and vapor barrier) so I bought some plaster and paint and got to work. The hallway, bathroom, and bunk room all received some paint!

Summer Time

Now that the deck is built and summer is in full force we are hoping to spend less time working on projects and more time enjoying the cabin. Dragging ourselves to work M-F has been a challenge, but its great that we can spend a couple week nights at the cabin to break up the work week.

We also plan on bringing down our sail boat soon! She's a 1970's Nordic 20'. We don't really know how to sail but we bought the boat 3 years ago on a whim. In fact, finding a harbor to moor the boat off in was one of the main reasons we found our little harbor.

We are also really excited to be hosting some friends on the Canada Day Weekend! If the weather cooperates we will be out in the boat! Cheers!

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I'm Christina and I live in the beautiful Canadian province of Newfoundland & Labrador. We are building a cabin by the ocean in rural Notre Dame Bay. Come along with Mike, Duke and I as we pursue our version of the Islanders dream!

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