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Cabin Tour- April 2020

Consider this the "Before Tour" for our cabin.

The amount of work we have put in to date has been enormous. But- the cabin is still far from being finished. I am hoping one day I can use this post for a before/after tour, but for now I wanted to show the cabin "as is". It isn't the prettiest yet, but its cozy as can be!

Last summer we built the bones of the cabin which include the foundation, flooring, walls, and roof. During the fall we shingled the roof, and weather-proofed the cabin with 1" foam sheeting, and started insulating the interior.

The Cabin Exterior- Front View from the Beach

Throughout the winter we spent pretty much every weekend at the cabin working. Half of the work has been cutting wood to keep the stove going. The other half has been installing insulation, windows, doors, walls, and a rough kitchen and bathroom.


The cabin sits at the bottom of our sloping property, with a large rock/cliff directly behind the cabin. The cabin entrance is at the rear of the cabin, and enters to a porch. This summer we plan to add patio doors at the front of the cabin that will enter onto a large patio.

Cabin Exterior from the Rear

This summer we plan on building the patio, adding siding, and doing some landscaping.

Living Room

Here is our living room and wood stove area as it sits today. You'll notice our lovely mismatched insulation! We are going to install double patio doors next to the large window. In the gable we will be adding two triangular windows.

The layout will change once we add our doors, but for now our setup is functioning perfect. Sitting at the table enjoying the view, a book, and a morning coffee has become my new favorite ritual.

Living Room- Rustic Mismatched Glory

For now our floors are 4'x8' sheets of OSB. We have maple hardwood that we plan on installing soon- once we get the energy to tackle another big project!

The wood stove is a Fisher Grandpa Bear- we love it but it burns through a lot of wood. We are planning on installing brick or stone on the wall behind the stove.

We haven't decided on how we will finish our ceiling yet. We'd like to keep it white and bright with some stained rafter beams.

Kitchen & Loft

Opposite our living area is the Kitchen, and above it the Loft. Excuse the mess but this is still a construction zone. That, and I hate doing dishes!

Last year (well almost 2 years ago now) our friends let us take their entire set of kitchen cabinets! Thanks Lo & Josh! They were doing a kitchen renovation, but the cabinets were solid wood and in excellent condition. So we disassembled the cabinets and had them in storage until this fall. We are planning to paint the cabinets and add new pulls- not sure on color yet but I am thinking hunter green.

Kitchen & Loft- Work in Progress

The kitchen is far from finished but the layout will be similar. We plan on using all lower cabinets along the entire back wall. One of the cabinets will be up-cycled for our sink. Along the left wall we will be adding a fridge next to the pantry. We also have an old wood stove oven that we will have to incorporate somewhere along the back wall.

On either side of the window we will be adding open-shelving, we are hoping to mill our own live-edge planks for the shelves. We are doing the back wall in the same pine we used elsewhere in the room- but I would like to paint it out white. I think white would brighten the space especially since we are planing butcher block counters and hardwood floors.

We plan on building a rolling library ladder for the loft- so the ladder can be pulled out of the way when not being used. We also still need to add safety railing... the projects keep coming.

The Bathroom

I will tell you what- after using a portable toilet, a camper toilet, and nature's toilet... this does feel like luxury!

We also have a used sink, cabinet, and shower stall that we purchased on the classifieds.

The Throne Room- Ahem, I Mean Bathroom

Not much more to say here then that its obviously finished, perfect, and beautiful as-is!

The Master

Who has a King sized bed at their cabin you ask? Mr. and Mrs. Classifieds that's who! We snatched up the mattress (in near perfect condition) for $100 and Mike built a simple bed frame.

I rigged up some temporary shelving/ hooks, but we have another patio door we will be installing next to the window. The idea being that we can wake up in the morning and look right out the harbor from bed.

The Master Bedroom- Where the Sleep-ins Happen

I made a curtain rod out of a tree branch, easy but satisfying project!

Off of our master bedroom is a bonus room we aren't sure what we will do with yet. It could serve as an extra bathroom, closet, or even small bunk room. For now we keep the room closed off with a sheet of foam.

The Guest Bedroom

True to form for any "Guest Bedroom" the room is currently full of random things. This room has one of the best views in the cabin so we made sure it had a large window. As with the bathroom we used recycled plywood for the floor, so we painted it out with some leftover exterior paint.

The Guest Bedroom- A Relaxing Retreat

Currently guests are treated to their choice of air mattress, or foam sheet on box-spring (firm is a generous description). Eh, with all that is going on right now (social distancing) I'd say we will have a mattress by the time we host company again.

Hallway, Bunk Room, and Porch

The guest bedroom is across the hallway from our porch (Mudroom). We wanted a hallway to separate the guest bedrooms from the living spaces and porch, and also some extra storage.

At the end of the hallway is a slider window, we are planning to build a bench with storage under the window. I imagine my nephews visiting and building forts here in this little reading nook.

Off of the end of the hallway is another small room, right now we are using it for storing tools. Eventually we are going to turn it into a bunk room for visitors.

The Hallway- Future Home of Reading Nook and Storage Galore

That leads us back to the porch! We made sure there was room for stacking wood, hanging winter clothing and outdoors equipment.

The Porch- or Mudroom or Whatever

If you exit the cabin you will notice my snowbank-fridge directly ahead. If you can find a beer there you are welcome to one!

What do you think of the cabin? Let us know in the comments below!

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