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Bunk Room Progress

Just a quick post to show the progress on our Bunk Room so far! We have been using our "Bunk Room" for storage of tools and materials all winter. Now that its summer and we are having more company come to visit, we decided to finally make the bunk-room sleep-able!

The Bunk Room Before the Roof Went On

We started by insulating the walls, installing vapor barrier, and painting out the recycled plywood floors.

Bunk Room Before

Next we framed out and installed our window to bring in some much needed light. Then we installed drywall... we decided during this that it would be the last drywall we would install in the cabin! Not only do we prefer the look of wood for the cabin we find it much easier to install, and it makes way less of a mess. Regardless- its done now!

Drywall Complete

I did a horrible job plastering the gaps- but I decided to slap some paint on it anyways! I went with "Mountain Spring" accent wall for behind the bunk beds, and "Grey Drizzle" to keep the room bright (Sico Paint).

Mike used some 2"x 6" lumber (cut from our trees we cut this winter) to frame out the bunk-beds. We designed the frame to fit a 3/4 mattress on the bottom, and a twin on the top-bunk.

Mike measured out the height for each bunk, and built the frame by screwing the 2x6 directly into the studs. He also added vertical supports for extra strength. On the inside of the frame he attached 2x4 edging, which he secured the 1x6 slating onto. The beds JUST fit down inside the frame, the room really is the perfect size for these bunk beds :D.

Next up we need to build a ladder and railing for the top bunk. Also, we still need to install the flooring and ceiling (like everywhere in the cabin), trim out the window/door, install a door, and install pine to finish off the last wall (the inside of the wall with the door).

What do you think of the bunk room so far? First come-first-serve on top or bottom bunk!

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I'm Christina and I live in the beautiful Canadian province of Newfoundland & Labrador. We are building a cabin by the ocean in rural Notre Dame Bay. Come along with Mike, Duke and I as we pursue our version of the Islanders dream!

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